Mercedes ML lost keys situation Paphos


Mercedes ML lost keys situation Paphos

Yesterday about 19:00 a guy called us from a village outside paphos about 30km that he went fishing and lost all his ML keys (when he was asked he actually had only one key) and that his car was unlocked and all windows were down. Guy was in panic since his car was automatic and could use road assistance to take it to dealers or to his house, we told him not to worry and we would do the job for him…

After a couple of hours the car was ready with a brand new mercedes key and 2 years warranty. Another happy customer.

If you need an extra car key we are the place to be…

We dont only do Mercedes or Toyota’s or Bmw’s in our shop we provide all kind of car keys for all brands!

Give us a call to find out about special deals we have on car keys every month for different models!

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