Lost my bmw key cyprus


Lost my bmw key cyprus

Hello again people , no matter what car you have , no matter what year, we are here to help you , today we had a customer that lost (or someone stolen) his car keys , he called us scared that dealers told him he had to wait at least a week or 10 days  and if we could do something…

We made him a new key the same day and also deactivated the lost ones from ecu so even if someone find his key , they wont be in position to actually start the car…

We service all areas in paphos (tala , tsada , pegeia , cholarka , kouklia , emba etc) even if you dont live near paphos and you need our help we can still help you , either by you sending us the lock or ecu you need a key for , or if you want us to fix your key , you can send us only your key…

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